The garden

The site is characterized by the presence of a green oasis, a prairie grove, which is an unusual and original element rarely seen in this rural setting, impoverished and simplified by intensive agriculture which has had such a strong impact on the landscape. In this context, our green oasis becomes very important from an ecological point of view, as it may be considered a reservoir of biodiversity, the "centre" of an ecological network, an environment for reproduction and refuge and a feeding ground for many species of birds, mammals, reptiles and insects. It is an ideal habitat for numerous species of shrubbery and wild herbs. Speaking environmentally, it regulates the microclimate by reducing the intensity of winds, by controlling the fluctuations in temperature, by maintaining the retention of moisture, and by the preservation of the natural structure and composition of the soil regarding the macroclimate. It has the ability to recycle large amounts of carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas responsible for global warming (reduction of gaseous pollutants in the atmosphere is a very real issue and meets the objectives of the Kjoto Accord). Regarding landscape, it is a more complex element that can be referred to as a ‘green landmark’ in a simplified and monotonous territory, testimony of a rural area which has long ago disappeared. (In a future land use planning project, it could become the "nucleus" of an ecological network in order to improve the quality of biodiversity and landscape of the area and allow the creation of ecological links to overcome the fragmentation of habitats.)

This green oasis Holiday Farm project, beyond having a highly valued aesthetic quality, carries out several functions: it lessens the visual and audio impact of the nearby motorway, state road and other man-made structures, it is a barrier to chemicals and dust pollution and an important ‘green lung’.

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