Historical Context

The Gallegati Holiday Farm is located in the countryside of Faenza, in a park of about one hectare of deciduous coniferous and bamboo trees and is surrounded by fields and groves cultivated with fruit trees.
Also located here is our wine cellar, where we sell our wines made from vines grown at the Monte di Sotto vineyard in Brisighella, about ten kms away.
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Historical Context
In the second half of the eighteenth century, in the green area adjacent to the farm house, an important Villa (Felisio Gessi) was located.
"The eighteenth-century Felisio Gessi Villa was destroyed, as with the nearby Villa Magnaguti, during the last world war.
The only evidence remaining are postwar photographs representing the facades. The Villa had a simple structure on a square base with a four-pitched roof. The facade was framed by a pilaster that ran under the cornice along the side edges that was connected, through the cornice, to the window frames: in the typical visual style of Giovanni Battista Campidori.
The entrance door was surmounted by a large opening to the first floor balcony, whose upper edges were chamfered, emphasizing its verticality, typical in eighteenth-century design. It also helped the body to emerge onto the roof, finished with an overlap of the balcony onto the front door. Adjacent to the Villa was the Chapel of St. Bartholomew the Apostle which is mentioned as existing since 1770. "
Franco Bertoni
George Gualdrini

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